I hold a Master’s degree in Counseling, am a Licensed Associate Counselor (LAC), a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP), am a Clinical Certified Trauma Professional (CCTP) and am also in training for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). 

In Person &
Virtual Therapy

Therapy sessions are available in person in Tucson, Arizona at the Somatic Love & Healing office, and online over Zoom, which is a secure HIPAA approved platform.

Session fees

Rates are based on our time together:
50-minute sessions:      $165
80-minute sessions:      $245
110- minute sessions:   $330

I currently DO NOT have sliding scale available and all sliding scale spots are currently full, with a waitlist.  Sliding scale spots start at $115 per 50 minute session, and typically are available to each individual for 6 months, to ensure access is widely available. I do not accept any insurance plans, though am able to provide a super bill for out-of-network reimbursements to you upon request and accept private pay via cash, check, or credit cards. 

When we first meet for our consult, I will verbally provide you with a Good Faith Estimate (GFE). In addition, this estimate will be available to you in writing and you can access it through the Simple Practice portal..

I look forward to talking with you and answering any questions you may have about the “No Surprises” Act and Good Faith Estimates.


Clinical Supervision: $135

I am approved as an AZBBHE clinical supervisor and am able to provide clinical supervision hours to individuals seeking their independent license within the state of Arizona.

I do also offer reduced rates and group supervisions as needed. If you are seeking supervision and think I may be helpful to you, please don't hesitate to reach out.

somatic experiencing personal sessions

somatic experiencing

1-hour Personal Sessions for Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Somatic Experiencing Students:

1 Hour Individual Consultations for Beginning, Intermediate &
Advanced Students:

3 Hour Group Case Consultations for Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Students:

Sliding scale sessions are available as needed. Rachel offers sessions for BIPOC students on a sliding scale/pro bono basis. Please reach out directly to Rachel for details.


Rachel does offer intensives for humans looking to deeply continue their healing journey. These are available to clients or SE students who may desire more sessions in a shorter period of time. These are usually available on weekends and we will create a unique customized plan for your treatment needs. This type of intensive utilizes a variety of approaches and specializations tailored to the challenges that clients present with. If you are interested, please contact Rachel directly to discuss next steps. 

Therapy is a partnership. We take time to get to know each other, then work to meet all of the parts of you. We seek out ways you may have been conditioned, beliefs you might hold about yourself, and also seek to find answers at a deeper, organismic level. We meet all of the parts of you and create a holding container to allow you to explore and deepen into your innate and intuitive healing power. Sessions occur in a private, confidential, and protected space in my office. We are a team work towards helping you meet your greatest version of yourself. Together, we find a way to honor the physiology of our nervous systems, for keeping us alive through some incredible intensity, and we deepen our capacity, while learning how to rely on our bodies brilliance and resilience. 

I believe very deeply that our bodies hold the key to our healing and when we meet ourselves deeply and lovingly, we find our truest selves underneath.

What can we explore together?

Finding the path to healing can feel confusing and overwhelming and it doesn't need to be.
You don't have to heal alone. We can find a way together. I'll walk every step of the way with you, until you no longer need me. 

Connect with Rachel

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